Rainfall hit record levels on Sunday

Williamsport and parts of Lycoming County received more than 3.6 inches of rainfall over the past 30 hours.

“You had a one-day record for Oct. 29 of 3.33 inches,” said Paul Head, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in State College.

Head said he anticipated the West Branch of the Susquehanna to crest at a cautionary stage, or 10 feet.

The river at the city gauge is at a flood stage of 20 feet.

More rain fell in western and northeastern parts of the state, he said.

The conditions led to road closures in Lycoming County, said David Thompson, a state Department of Transportation spokesman. On Monday night, Little Pine Creek Road from Little Pine Camp Road in Cummings Township to English Run Road in Pine Township, still was closed due to storm-related damage.

Large trees typically soak up about 175 gallons of water per day in spring and summer but reduce that in the fall to 50 gallons or less, Head said.

That means there will be rain runoff into the creeks and rivers, but not flood concerns, he said.