Recreation commission hears pitch for more pickleball

A group interested in expanding the use of the pickleball courts approached the city Recreation Commission on Monday.

The sport’s enthusiasts showed the commission some drawings and told them about the growth of the sport.

Mayor Gabriel J. Campana several years ago brought in a court for pickleball use at Memorial Park.

He replaced the basketball courts with the court and received a lot negative feedback, but now feels the time is right for a resurgeance of the sport.

“It has picked up across the nation, and I believe more people will want to use the court and play the game,” Campana said after the meeting.

The purpose initially was for senior citizens, mostly, giving them an opportunity to take part in the activities at the park, which the city targeted for use by young adults, teenagers and young children.

“I stand by my decision,” he said, of keeping the pickleball court, especially for those who used to play tennis but who may want to play a game that is a bit easier on the knees and feet.

Additionally, Campana said he is exploring a request by many senior citizens and some parents who want a temporary bathroom facility placed near the court.

“I want people to stay for several hours and play games and enjoy what we have in terms of recreation and (a) port-a-potty or a temporary solution should be installed for this purpose,” he said.