25 to 65 years for burglar-arsonist

The man who helped burglarize the home of Gary and Linda Inch shortly after their daughter was murdered pleaded guilty and was sentenced to serve a minimum of over two decades behind bars Thursday.

The 25- to 65-year state prison sentence was handed down by President Judge Nancy L. Butts after Brian Matthew Vroman, 29, pleaded guilty to a string of charges including burglary and robbery with intent to inflict bodily injury.

With a jury about to be selected, Vroman, of Canton, halted his upcoming trial by accepting the plea.

Vroman and Michael Houseweart, who is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of the Inches’ 31-year-old daughter, Michelle Inch, used a key to get into the home on Sechler Avenue, near Montoursville, on Jan. 27, 2016.

Wearing masks and carrying a rifle, the two men bound the couple with duct tape and alternated holding the couple at gunpoint and going through the house looking for things to steal.

When the two men were done and outside, Houseweart went back in and dumped gasoline on the basement steps. He lit the house on fire using a lighter while the Inches were still duct-taped to the bed inside.

Vroman said Thursday that he didn’t know Houseweart was going to light the house on fire, but admitted to helping plan the robbery.

After the two men left in Michelle Inch’s car, Linda Inch was able to free herself and run to a neighbors house. Gary Inch needed to be revived by firefighters and was flown to Lehigh Valley Medical Center for treatment.

Last February, Houseweart pleaded guilty to over 50 charges for his role in the incident. The plea tacked on 61 1/2 to 153 more years to the life sentence he’s already serving for murdering Michelle Inch, his girlfriend at the time.

During Houseweart’s sentencing, he said the murder, burglary and arson were impulsive decisions made during a meth and cocaine binge. He also said he chose the Inches’ home because he was familiar with the house and because the couple were an easy target.

Houseweart also said he shot and stabbed Michelle Inch almost a week into the binge.

Both Houseweart and Vroman were ordered to share $1,792 in restitution to the Inches.