Borough council addresses overgrown vegetation issue

MUNCY — The issue of bushes, trees and shrubs that have grown too large and pose a safety hazard both to vehicles and pedestrians in the borough was discussed by borough council at its meeting Thursday night.

To deal with the problem, council decided that the streets department should compile a list of properties where the problem occurs, with photos if possible, to be given to the codes officers to notify the property owners.

According to Borough Manager Bill Ramsey, the vast majority of the problems are in alleys in the borough.

Council also discussed moving offices in the borough building in order to offer the police department a room with more privacy for interrogations. At the present time, because of the way the building is arranged, the police use either the council chambers or the bathroom for interrogating suspects.

Council President Ed Feigles suggested that the police department could be moved to the water building, which would be off-site from borough hall, or that the offices could be shifted in borough hall so that the secretary’s office could be moved across the hall, freeing up space for an interrogation/meeting room.

Council believed the last suggestion was the most feasible and would keep the police presence in the borough.

In action items, council approved a resolution establishing signatories for borough accounts. Mayor Jonathan Ort, Feigles and acting borough Secretary Elaine McAleer were approved.

Another resolution passed by council established the procedure for destroying of audio and videotapes of meetings, once the written minutes of the meetings have been approved.

By approving this, council can record its meetings, although at the present time they use no recording devices.

Council approved advertising of an ordinance vacating an unnamed and unopened alley near the Brelsford property. Council will approve the ordinance at its next meeting.

Jeff Sholtis was approved as borough treasurer by council by resolution. The appointment of a borough secretary was tabled by council.

Councilwoman Linda Stein informed council of “Authors in Our Backyard,” an event at the Muncy Public Library, 108 S. Main St., from 1 to 4 p.m. on Sunday. It is free to the public and gives area residents an opportunity to meet local authors.

The next council meeting will be at 7 p.m. Feb. 6 at Muncy Borough Hall, 14 N. Washington St.