City asks for winter recreation ideas

The city Recreation Department is willing to accept ideas from the public in terms of possible winter recreational activities that can be held indoors.

It’s several months between the pre-Christmas holidays and Easter activities, such as the egg hunt in Brandon Park, and the city has not sponsored recreational activities, according to Jessie Novinger, department director.

Mayor Gabriel J. Campana said any family-friendly activities over winter months would be fine.

As such, Novinger has suggested ideas. “I used oversee programs over winter months,” she said.

Among them: furniture rehabilitation, homemade pasta making, meal prepping (frozen meals and those for crock pots), fitness classes, painting, jewelry making, and photography and editing of photography.

The Sechler Room on the second floor of City Hall, or a local business either allowing use of a room or at a low-cost rent would be preferrable, Novinger said.

Novinger also said she is agreeable to outdoor activity ideas, but noted the city has no equipment for rental.

“Brandon Park is used over the winter months,” she said. Ice skaters are using a frozen pond outside of the armory site along Penn Street, but none of these activities is managed by the city, she said.

For those interested in providing input, especially on the indoor recreational ideas, forward them to the department email:

The department staff will go over the list and share it with the recreation commission, Novinger said.

Ideas will then be tabulated and prioritized and based on their feasibility the city will try to incorporate recreational activities over winter months, she said.