Sidewalk inspections to be subject of town hall

Mayor Gabriel J. Campana is holding a town hall meeting tonight at 7 on the issues of sidewalks and diversity.

The meeting is scheduled to be in the City Hall in the Sechler room on the second floor, according to Dee Reed, his executive secretary.

Campana said he organized the first town hall meeting of the year after speaking with Joseph Gerardi, city codes administrator.

Late in December, Gerardi announced the codes department will begin a section-by-section city inspection of sidewalks, issuing notices to property owners whose sidewalks do not meet the city code.

The meeting is expected to have several pictorial examples of such sidewalks, Campana said.

In addition, Gerardi will further explain the process, codes requirements for homeowners, city responsibility and timeframe anticipated to complete it.

The work will be done similarly to how it was in nearby Loyalsock Township, which has nearly completed a four-year inspection and repair process.

If time allows, the meeting also will include a statement by the mayor on his efforts to bring more diversity to the city workforce.