Supervisors to fire company: Reveal your funding sources

IOANNIS PASHAKIS/Sun-Gazette Clinton Township Volunteer Fire Co. chief Todd Winder speaks at a township meeting on Monday night.

MONTGOMERY — Money earned by the Clinton Township Volunteer Co. was questioned by the township supervisors at a meeting Monday night.

In an ongoing discussion between the township and its fire department, township supervisors asked the department’s chief to show funds that the department made outside of tax revenue.

“Why can’t they open up and be honest with us about the money that’s coming in,” asked Lanny Wertz, supervisor chairman. “They won’t give us more information when they absolutely have it.”

In 2017, the volunteer fire department earned about $148,000 from local service, fire and Act 13 taxes. The department paid about $28,000 of its own money to break even for the year.

According to some of the supervisors, the department should be transparent about where those funds have originated.

However, department officials believe the money it earns through fundraising and means other than local taxes shouldn’t need to be shown to the public.

“We consider ourselves as a vendor to the township. The money we raise is the money we raise,” said Todd Winder, Clinton Township Volunteer Co. “We build swimming pools, we have fees for the ambulance, we rent the building, we do catering. We do all this stuff that raises money for the department that is not tax money. If the township wants to know what it is, we never told the supervisors they can’t come down.”

Winder said an audit of recent company records did not reveal any questions regarding the funds it has raised or spent.

“The record keeping was exemplary,” Winder said the auditor told the supervisors at one of their meetings.

In other news, the supervisors voted unanimously to put out to bid a project to turn a local basketball court into a small artificial turf field for local soccer teams. The bid will include installation of boards to an already standing chainlink fence and a turf field. The township will later look into writing a grant to help complete a roof for the field.

The township supervisors also made a motion to purchase a Western Star snowplow and to approve a new sewage enforcement officer and alternate.

In attendance were Lanny Wertz, Richard Barto, Patrick Deitrick, Lanny Wertz and John Magyar II.