Cold air to come back after warm weekend

KATELYN HIBBARD/Sun-Gazette Thanks to the warmth and sunshine, more hyacinths are coming into bloom — the ones shown here are in Ways Garden.

That very refreshing warm air that filled homes and apartments through open windows over the weekend — where did it go?

Well, don’t expect those warm temperatures to return for a while, John LaCorte, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in State College, said.

Friday’s record-high temperature of 85, beat out the 1977 record by one degree, LaCorte said. Saturday’s high of 81 degrees came close, but kept in place the 1960 record of 84 degrees for the day.

“We’re probably not go to see temperatures like that again anytime soon,” he said.

Sunday’s high was 49 degrees, and that was at 5:30 a.m.

LaCorte said the sudden drop in temperatures “was not a surprise to us.

We forecasted it. It’s not the forecast everyone may have wanted, but we saw this one coming.”

After the intense downpour of rain that was expected overnight Sunday, “we’ll struggle to get out of the 40s” today, he said. The rain could cause some minor flooding in low-lying areas after dropping nearly an inch-and-a-half of rain.

“Don’t count on a lot of sun before Wednesday.

By then, we may see a little bit of sunshine,” he added.

Most of the rain was expected to be over by this afternoon.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a snowflake or some snow showers. There should be no accumulation,” LaCorte said.

“We will not get out of the 40s on Tuesday. It will be cool and cloudy that day,” he said.

“We’re in for several cool days. We should start climbing back to the mid-50s, possibly reaching a high of 60, by Thursday and Friday. There is a chance of rain showers on Thursday,” LaCorte said.

Overnight lows throughout the week should hover in the 30s, he said.