Mayor reveals city street projects, promises people will be ‘happier’

Standing in the rain near the intersection of Hillside Avenue and Newberry Street, Mayor Gabriel J. Campana outlined some of the upcoming streets projects in the city.

Hillside Avenue, which will be reconstructed and paved is one of the 70 projects planned in the city. Milling began yesterday on that street.

Noting the reason he had chosen that particular site for the reveal, the Mayor said “Newberry is very, very important to us.”

“That’s why we decided to start in this section of the city. Dewey Avenue will be next. We will continue with Maynard Street.”

“We’re looking at approximately $1.8 million worth of improvements in our streets in the city,” he said.

Funding for the work on the streets comes from city funding, liquid fuels, the Water Authority as well as utilities such as UGI and UGG, according to the Mayor.

“There is a host of funding that’s going to make our streets much more improved,” he said. “I’m sure quite a few people, after the work is done, are going to be very, very happy.

Campana said he realizes that many residents have concerns about streets in the city so he, Rebecca Haladay; the city engineer and assistant general manager of streets and parks; and Adam Winder, general manager of the Streets Department, were heading out after the press conference to assess other areas in need of reconstruction, which would be for the next construction season.

“We’re looking at other streets in the city that need some TLC and hopefully once we put the bids out in September we can work on those streets,” he said.

He noted that he, along with Winder and Haladay, have worked on compiling the list for some time.

“Some individuals in the city may not have thought there’s a plan in place, but there has been a plan in place. We just had to wait for the weather to cooperate,” he said.

“At the end of this construction season I’m sure people will be much happier with our streets.”

The construction projects are expected to be finished by July 15 of this year, according to Winder.

“There’s going to be a lot of construction in the city. It’s a temporary inconvenience, but it’s going to be a nice improvement.”

In addition to the reconstruction and paving of the streets, Winder said the streets department is going to be raising or rebuilding 29 catch basins. There will also be some brick work done at Second and Rural avenues.