Hughesville Police Department to receive new vehicle

HUGHESVILLE — The Hughesville Police Department is getting a new vehicle. Borough Council voted to approve the purchase of a 2018 Ford Explorer Monday.

The vehicle will cost $29,950 with an additional $11,700 in equipment, which brings the total to $41,650.

The equipment would include a cage, a console, lights, sirens, gun holder, exterior decals, camera and a computer mount, Police Chief Rod Smith said.

Upon purchase, it will take about a month to get the vehicle ready for service, Smith said.

The Hughesville Police Department already has a 2011 Ford Crown Victoria, which is the chief’s car, with 46,000 miles, a 2012 black Dodge Charger with 63,000 miles and a 2015 Ford Explorer SUV with 42,000 miles on it.

Council president Walter Reed agreed with the purchase, but mentioned a new police vehicle was only budgeted for $36,000. He said they would find the other $5,000 elsewhere in the budget.

The borough is designated for the purchase of a new police vehicle every three to four years, getting about eight years of life out of each police car.

The police vehicle the borough is looking to get rid of is a 2008 Dodge Charger with 105,000 miles on it. Smith confirmed that it has not been in use because the air conditioner was not working and it may need a new radiator and new front struts. The repairs would cost an estimated $1,500.

Smith suggested selling the vehicle for the Kelly Blue Book value of $2,500.

Councilman Dan Cale mentioned that he did not believe the borough could get the full value of the 2008 Charger for that much money.

Yet, Reed suggested that even getting $1,500 for the car, could go back into the municipal’s general fund and would then only need to find $4,000 extra to pay for the new police vehicle.

“I think we got our money’s worth (from the 2008 Charger),” said Councilwoman Brenda Smith.

After a bit more discussion, the council voted to purchase 2018 Ford Explorer.

The council then voted to sell the 2008 Charger on Municibid.

“This is good for us (the police department) because they function as a second office,” Rod Smith said.

Andrew Mook also was present. Mayor Rick Smith and Todd McCowan were absent.