Primary includes nominations for governor, House

Registered voters of the area will go to the polls today with a chance to take in nominating candidates for both federal and state offices.

Among the most anticipated nominations will be those for governor and 12th Congress.

Tom Wolf, the incumbent, faces no opposition for the Democratic nomination for governor.

However, three people are running on the the Republican ticket.

They are: Laura Ellsworth, Paul Mango and Scott Wagner.

Four candidates are seeking nomination for the 12th House seat, which includes Lycoming County.

Tom Marino, the Republican incumbent, is being challenged by Doug McLinko for the GOP nomination.

Marc Friedenberg and Judith Herschel are on the Democratic ticket.

The 15th House seat features three candidates.

Glenn Thompson, the incumbent, faces no opposition for the Republican nomination.

Susan Boser and Wade A. Jodun are running as Democrats.

Bob Casey Jr. has no challengers for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate.

However, three Republicans are seeking nomination for that seat. They are Lou Barletta, James J. Christiana and Joseph J. Vodarka.

Candidates for the two state House seats in Lycoming County have no opponents.

Incumbent Jeff Wheeland is the lone Republican candidate for the 83rd House seat.

The Democrat is Airneezer J. Page-Delahaye.

For the 84th House seat, Garth Everett, the incumbent, is the only Republican on the ticket.

The Democrat is Linda Kay Sosniak.

Three Republicans are seeking nomination for the 68th House formerly held by Matt Baker.

They are Mark Hamilton, Dennis Weaver and Clinton Dennis Owlett.

Carrie Heath is seeking the Democratic nomination.

Statewide, about 4 million people were registered as Democrats compared to 3.2 million registered Republicans.

However, registered Republicans outnumber registered Democrats in Lycoming County, 37,427 to 21,161.

Polls across the state open at 7 a.m. today and close at 8 p.m.