Muncy School Board appoints former member to fill vacancy

MUNCY — Six residents of Muncy Creek Township inquired about a newly opened position on the Muncy School Board before the board appointed former member Mary Bennardi at a meeting Monday.

While six residents contacted the district that they would be interested in taking the position, formerly held by Justin Reis, until December 2019, only four residents actually applied.

Local residents Bennardi, David Allen, Kristen Harer and Brian Kustenbauter sent the required application, letter of intent and resume, but only Bennardi and Kustenbauter arrived for a public interview on Monday.

“There were two others that inquired but they didn’t file through with the paper work and two of those four didn’t show,” David Edkin, district business administrator, said.

Because Bennardi and Kustenbauter were the only ones to attend the interview, they were the only ones looked at for the position, according to Edkin. However, Kustenbauter refused to answer any of the questions proposed by the board during the process.

Bennardi was nominated for the position and board members Ty Fry, Scott McLean, Robert Titman, Kim Walker, Rhondel Moyle and Sarah Woodward, along with Lisa Sleboda and Connie Coyner, who attended the meeting my phone, voted yes to appoint Bennardi. Justin Reis was absent.