Muncy Township supervisors offer answers to questions about renovations

PENNSDALE — Seeking to stop the rumors that have been circulating in Muncy Township about the plans for renovations to the township building, Supervisor Tom Schaech urged residents who have questions to meet with township officials to get the answers.

“If you have a concern, stop by the office,” he said. “If we don’t have the answer, we’ll get it. The rumor mill has got to stop,” he continued. “We’re not trying to hide anything. We’re willing to talk.”

He warned that there were many rumors and falsehoods circulating in the township.

One of the rumors that Schaech cited was that the township forced the fire department to turn over the township building.

“Did we force you to do this,” Schaech asked a member of the fire department, to which the answer was that they viewed it as a blessing and a win-win situation.

Noting that the board would not do anything that is not fiscally prudent for the township, Schaech told the residents at the meeting, “We’ve got to change. Things are changing. We’ve got to get moving forward.”

In other business, the board opened bids for a three-bay salt and cinder shed. The three bids received were: Best Quality Builders, Muncy Township, $141,809; Creekside Builders, Mill Hall, $112,000 for the building and $14,000 for excavation and Catawissa Partners, Parkland, Florida, offered to lease the Sprout Waldron building in Muncy at a rate of $1,375 a month.

The supervisors stressed that they had sought bids to get an idea of what the cost of the shed would be and not to choose a bid at this time. They also encouraged anyone who wanted to see the bids to stop by the township office to look at them.

The board also approved four events for the fire department. They are: July 12, Hughesville fireworks; July 25, Laporte parade; July 28, Community Day at Muncy Township and August 18, car show and yard sale at the township.

Supervisors present were Scahech and Matthew Doyle. Absent was Gary Harmon Jr.

The next board meeting will be at 7:30 p.m. August 8 at the Township Building, 1922 Pond Road.