Small stream cleared after street flooding in Newberry

After a recent deluge of rain caused street flooding in Newberry, city employees cleared a small stream believed to be one of the causes.

“We went into Apple Run and cleared it out of debris,” said Adam Winder, general manager of city public works department.

Winder said the department didn’t receive any calls from residents he knew of, but he saw the flooding and ponding of water on Oliver Street and other locations in the city West End through other means.

Photographs and videos of the flooding showed how the water went from curb to curb in some areas.

The city has asked individuals to try to do their part to clear away any debris on stormwater drains to help, Winder said.

The public works department employees will do what they can when they are called by residents, he said.

The department has on order a new street sweeper, one with a side vacuum that can alleviate a lot of the grime and dirt collected on streets, Winder said.