No cover extensions at Williamsport pay stations

The Williamsport Parking Authority decided Wednesday it won’t pay for extensions on its overhead plastic coverings at the automatic pay meter stations.

Authority members Dr. Tony Cipolla, chairman; Rose Choate, Jared Kinley and Marc Schefsky reached a consensus that it was not worth spending an estimated $550 per cover to extend the material another foot.

The decision came after the authority received complaints about the covers not being long enough to protect individuals standing in line from the rain or inclement weather.

Similar pay stations in Harrisburg, for example, do not have such covering, said William E. Nichols Jr., city finance director and general manager of River Valley Transit. The transit service provides financial management for the authority.

The authority also tried to ease the minds of people concerned about receiving a ticket for parking vehicles on the sidewalk on narrow State Street.

People using the James V. Brown Library and stopping for a bite to eat at a nearby restaurant complained the street is basically the size of an alley.

Among those advocating for individuals wanting, or needing, to use the street to park was Councilwoman Liz Miele.

The authority discussed it briefly and decided by consensus it believed vehicles parking on the narrow street should be able to use the sidewalk to park part of their vehicle on.

It would not make sense to reduce the size of the sidewalk, which must remain 42 inches wide to comply with handicapped accessibility regulations in the Americans With Disabilities Act, Schefsky said.

The issue might be revisited once work begins on the Willow Street greenway, Cipolla said.

Willow Street is to be converted for possible pedestrian and bicyclists use and be used as a connector to downtown and the Susquehanna River Walk and other bicycle routes.

The authority was informed that incidents of mischief occurred during July 4 at the roof of the Third Street parking garage.

Some “hoodlums” were tossing items off the roof and a plastic bottle with liquid nearly hit a baby in a carriage below, according to the authority discussion. Members then turned the talk toward possibly putting in additional security cameras.