Jersey Shore changes start of classes to today

JERSEY SHORE — The Jersey Shore Area School District was supposed to open for the first day of school on Wednesday, but the date was changed to today due to complications with mold.

Superintendent Dr. Jill Wenrich said the final in-service day for teachers was held on Wednesday with school opening for students today.

This is the second delay the district has had with opening.

“This is an update to the status of the district’s buildings. All buildings have been cleared for occupancy and are open to all personnel wishing to enter the buildings,” she said.

However, Wenrich said there is one room at Salladasburg Elementary that the environmental specialist would like to retest after further remediation in that room.

“As recommended, this room will be sealed off until further testing occurs. The rest of Salladasburg Elementary has been cleared for occupancy without restriction,” she said.

Wenrich said the district is glad to be starting school today.

“We’re just looking forward to getting the school year started,” she said. “We’ve missed our teachers and our students, and we’re looking forward to a great year ahead.”