Loyalsock supervisors submit grant application for improvements

Loyalsock Township supervisors approved a $156,000 Community Development Block Grant application on Tuesday.

The application, which will include sidewalk repairs for homeowners with low to moderate income, handicap-accessible curb cuts and a handicap-accessible restroom in the township building, is expected to be approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Development.

“(The department) will have to look at our application and approve those projects, but we don’t see any problem with those three projects being approved,” said Bill Burdett, township manager.

Both the curb cuts and the sidewalk repairs have been a part of projects in the township for years and are near completion, according to Burdett, who said that the curb cutting is expected to last 20 to 30 years and the sidewalk repair program will have spanned all of the neighborhoods in the township by next year.

The improvements made to the township building have not yet used grant funding, unlike the other two projects that have used the grant in the past. Burdett said the township could relax on its spending for the handicap-accessible bathrooms.

“We’ve done the rest of the township building with our own money, but because handicap-accessible bathrooms are eligible, we are hoping to use that program money for our renovation,” he said.

Tuesday’s meeting was the township’s second public hearing to discuss the spending for the grant, giving the public the chance to air any concerns with the spending.

The board also approved the addition of a handicap ramp on residential property.

In attendance were Paul Nyman, John C. Bower Jr., Marc C. Sortman, Richard H. Wheeland and Virginia Eaton.