School discusses excusal for days missed due to mold

JERSEY SHORE — In her report to the board, Jill Wenrich, superintendent of the Jersey Shore Area School District, said the state Department of Education has not yet responded to the district’s request to be excused for the days missed at the beginning of the school year due to a mold problem.

The district had delayed the opening of school for four days in order to deal with mold issues that developed due to the damp weather this summer.

“My plan was to have on the Oct. 8 board meeting the calendar we had come up with adding the days at the end of the school year and approving it at that time and if they come through later we can just readjust,” she said.

“I think people need to know what the year looks like. I think we need to move forward,” Wenrich stated as the reason for announcing the change now, before the final word from the state was received.

Under personnel items, the board approved the following positions and stipends for the Middle School musical production: Monica Richards, drama coach, $1,499; Andrea Bowers, music production coach, $1,499; Nichole Bechdel, lighting, $375; Wanda Derr, stage manager 1, $375; Tracy Silvis, stage manager 2, $375; Haley Enders, public relations, $375; Keith Bowers, production set design and completion, $563 and Nicholas Eischeid, sound, $375.

In other personnel matters the board:

• Accepted a letter of resignation from Cynthia Mantle, part-time food service worker at the high school.

• Approved the appointment of Brent Wheeland as CTE Department Coordinator at a stipend of $2,350 for the 2018-19 school year.

The board also discussed starting earlier in the year to discuss the budgetary issues facing the district.

“I would like to see at the next meeting a budget update,” board member Harry Brungard said. He also requested that a projected budget deficit be available.

“I’d like to see the board talking about some cost-saving methods to cut the deficit. I know school closing would be one,” Brungard said. He noted he thought there was to be a committee to look into ways of cutting costs for the district.

“I think we need to look into that before February, March, April come around next year,” he added.

Another board member, Karen Stover, agreed, “I think we need to start looking at that and being proactive.”

Board members present were: Stover, Brungard, Craig Allen, Merrill Sweitzer, Christopher Fravel, Mary Thomas and John Pecchia. Absent: Michelle Stemler and Kelley Wasson.