Summer temperatures hang on, last into week

Don’t get any ideas of putting away air conditioners or fans this week because it’s going to be very hot for the next several days.

“A gigantic Bermuda High arrived (Sunday), causing daytime as well as nightime temperatures to be 10 to 12 degrees above normal,” according to Paul Head, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in State College.

“This is the time of year when you start to open your windows at night to let in some of that fresh cool air, but that’s not to be this week,” Head said.

“The normal overnight low at this time usually is around 58 degrees, but this week it will be ranging from 65 to 72 degrees. It’s going to be very, very warm,” he said.

“Labor Day is going to be hot for sure with Florida humidity. The dewpoint will be between 70 and 75. That’s pretty oppressive,” Head said.

The area will see “quite a bit of sun at least through Wednesday, with high temperatures reaching 90 degree most days. It will be foggy, but the fog will burn off in the morning. It will be hot and humid in the afternoons,” he said.

Normal daytime highs for the first week of September range between the mid to high 70s,” he added.

On Thursday, “a cold front is expected to move in from the upper Midwest, but right now it is struggling to get here,” Head said.

“There is still a chance we could reach 90 degrees on Thursday, but we will likely have more cloudy skies and possible showers on that day and Friday as well,” Head said.

More showers are expected during the weekend, he said. “The upcoming weekend will be a lot wetter than this past one,” he added.