Video of city police officer slamming suspect to ground gains online shares

Tamika Moore broke out in tears and was outraged when she saw for the first time the video that showed a city police officer slam her 19-year-old son to the pavement as the teen held his hands in the air.IMG_3467.TRIM_1

“I started crying and I screamed,” Moore, a city resident, said.

She said her son was taken into custody in the area of Locust Street and Memorial Avenue late Sunday afternoon, and someone watching the incident unfold captured it on video.

In the video, one sees police detain a man who puts his hands on the back of a car with his legs spread apart. As the man began to quickly turn around, the officer body slammed him to the pavement, turned him over on his stomach and handcuffed him. Another officer stood on the side with his stun gun pointed at the man.

Moore, who identified her son as the man in the video, is now looking for answers.

“No crime was committed here (by my son),” she told the Sun-Gazette in a telephone interview Tuesday afternoon. Her son was detained at police headquarters and later released. No charges were filed.

Since he has not been charged with anything, the Sun-Gazette is not publishing his name. The officers shown in the video also are not being identified.

“Why was he detained? Why was he slammed to the pavement,” Moore said.

Shortly after her son was taken to police headquarters, Moore received a telephone call that police had “arrested” her son. She went to the police station to find out why he had been taken there, but left without getting any answers.

She said she soon received another call from someone who reported that “the arrest” was recorded on a cellphone, so she tracked that person down near where the incident occurred and watched it.

The video began popping up on numerous Facebook pages. Someone shared it with the Sun-Gazette on Tuesday morning.

It was unknown what prompted the officer to put the man to the ground. Since the video has no sound, any dialogue between the officer and the man remained a mystery.

Moore said she went back to police headquarters on Tuesday to try to speak with an officer, but she termed her effort “unsuccessful.”

Police had no comment Tuesday about the incident or the video.