No tax hike, new Dollar General for Woodward Township

LINDEN — Supervisors unanimously approved the 2019 Budget with no tax increase Wednesday as well as made several steps in approving a new 9,100-square-foot Dollar General to open alongside Muncy Bank and Harvest Moon Restaurant on Route 220.

As in previous years, municipal and real estate millage in Woodward Township is set at 0.514 and special fire tax is 0.47 mills. An individual living in Woodward Township who has $50,000 in property would pay $25.70.

Supervisors in attendance were Alan J. Worth, chairman; Jack Coleman, vice chairman; Wayne Robinson, supervisor.

In order for the Dollar General to legally open, Gabriel Hutchinson, of Hutchinson Realty, asked for four variances from the zoning ordinance: side yard setback requirements for a structure; minimum number of required parking spaces, from 34 to 22; maximum distance from a free-standing sign, from 50 to 60 feet, and setback requirements for a freestanding sign, from 15 feet to 10 feet.

Hutchinson Reality also asked for the township to waive off-street parking requirements. The new building plans to have parking next to the property line and have unified asphalt with neighboring buildings to allow a free flow of traffic.

The supervisors approved the four variances, as well as the sewage module and waived the requirements.

For the township to legally allow Dollar General to exist between Muncy Bank and Harvest Moon, the supervisors moved to subdivide Muncy Bank’s lot.

Gary Knarr said he expects the plans to be finalized by early January.

“It seems like you guys are working well, there doesn’t seem to be an issue,” said Alan Worth, chairman.


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