Clinton County eyes changes in salary board’s hiring, promotion procedures

LOCK HAVEN — The Clinton County commissioners are considering changes in the way the Salary Board operates when it comes to new hires and promotions.

On Monday, immediately following their 9 a.m. work session, they will meet to discuss those changes.

“We have pondered an alternative way to address our Salary Board meetings. As it is, every single time someone is hired and every single time someone gets a promotion we have to convene a Salary Board meeting to take action on that. It really bogs down the meeting process,” Commissioner Robert “Pete” Smeltz explained.

At next Monday’s meeting, the commissioners will set guidelines and parameters and grades for all county positions, along with salaries and general promotion rules within county government.

“If these changes are passed, then there will be no need for a Salary Board meeting for each and every hiring or action we need to take. If we needed to make a hire beyond those parameters, then we would be required to have a Salary Board meeting for that specific hiring or promotion,” explained Jann Meyers, county chief clerk.

“We are proposing to do this on Monday, so we can eliminate a lot of what we do weekly in these meetings,” Meyers said.

A motion to hire new employees would still be announced.

Changes are for administrative purposes, as they often have to break up the commissioners meetings to take action on salary items.

“We have been paying attention to the way commissioners do it in other areas,” Smeltz said. “If we set the parameters at the beginning of the year, it would make things easier.”

The board also approved a request from Agnes Scanlan, Family Finding/Family Group Decision Making Caseworker in Children and Youth Services, to rescind her resignation, which was to have been effective today.

“Scanlan wishes to remain employed with us and we need her in that department,” Smeltz said. “She will be notified accordingly.”

An amendment to the cooperative agreement between Clinton County and the Borough of Renovo for the CDBG Project on Ontario Avenue was also approved, extending the termination date of the agreement to Jan. 31, 2019.

“The project is done. The extension of the agreement is to get invoices out, and the dates of meetings just didn’t line up without this extension,” said Gabriel Caprio, county grants administrator.


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