Seat opens on Montgomery Borough Council

MONTGOMERY — An open Borough Council seat exists after Tuesday after council accepted the resignation of former Councilman James McCarty, whose term expires on Dec. 31, 2021.

No formal reason was given for McCarty’s resignation, however, council eagerly awaits any applicants to replace him.

“We’re looking for his replacement,” said Donna Miller, borough coordinator.

The applicant needs to submit the request in writing, she said.

Council is going to advertise a special work session where it plans to review applications and conduct interviews.

That date will be advertised, but council discussed it at the meeting and it is likely to be Jan. 28.

Council has 30 days to fill the position.

Necessary requirements include the applicant being a borough resident for a full year and be able to provide proof of residency, said Lynn Crist, council president.

The council has a deadline of Feb. 7 to decide.

In another related discussion, Councilwoman Amber Wilt noted there are three council positions open this year and for anyone interested they should contact Lycoming County Voter Services.

In new business action items, council approved, on first reading, a fireworks ordinance.

The ordinance specifies there be no fireworks activities from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m.

It also indicates the prohibition of Chinese lanterns lit or discharged in the borough limits. However, fireworks sales of such items are permissible provided the vendors have the proper permits.

In a related action taken, council forged a fireworks agreement with Bixler Pyrotechnics for about $8,000. The company anticipates providing a fireworks show for the borough and region at dusk on July 3.

Council also is considering relocating the Santa Claus house to an area at the east end of the borough building rather than near the Post Office. Traffic and parade congestion interfered with the postal work this past holiday. The request was by the Montgomery Fire Police.

Another request by the agency was to have no parking signage placed along Second Street to the Presbyterian church during the firemen’s carnival.