‘Suspicious individual’ taken into custody

RENOVO — John Edward Meyers, of Loganville, York County was taken into custody by the York Area Regional Police Department on Thursday evening, according to a report from Renovo Police Department on social media.

Renovo police issued a warrant for Meyers’ arrest on Wednesday after reports of a dark grey 2007 Dodge Nitro, matching the description of Meyer’s vehicle, was seen driving near area schools and following school buses as they discharged students along their routes on Tuesday. A witness reportedly followed Meyers and confronted him when he stopped in a parking lot, with Meyers responding by pointing what witnesses believed to be a handgun at the parent. In the arrest warrant, he was referred to as a “suspicious individual.”

Clinton County District Attorney David Strouse said Meyers allegedly threatened an individual in Renovo with a firearm. He is charged with possession of a prohibited firearm – a felony – and making terroristic threats and simple assault, both misdemeanors, according to York Daily Record reports.

Keystone Central School District reported Friday afternoon they had received confirmation the suspicious individual who was reported earlier this week had been taken into custody.

“We greatly appreciate the work of local and regional law enforcement and their commitment to keeping our children and community safe. As always, student safety is our top priority,” the release stated.

The district also urged parents to have conversations with their children about safety and listed the following additional tips to help their children be safe and prepared in a potentially dangerous situation.

Map out a safe way for children to walk to school or to the bus stop.

Walk the route with them to help make them aware of their surroundings; pointing out friends’ houses that they can go to if they need help.

Take a step back if approached by a car.

Tell children to always take a step back if a car approaches them, not forward. The driver/passenger can always talk louder and by stepping back the child will have more opportunity to run away should they need to.

Help children memorize their phone number and full address.

If they are ever lost or in a vulnerable situation, they can always have that information to hand.

Don’t walk with headphones in both ears.

If your child uses headphones to listen to music, advise them not to walk with both headphones in their ears. Hearing is drastically diminished when both ears are covered and awareness of their surroundings will be seriously impaired.

Think about what’s being shared on social media.

Think twice about sharing your child’s name on things like Facebook or even labeling their lunchbox where it could be visible to strangers. Children are more inclined to go with someone who knows their name.