Traffic stops yield drugs; 2 charged

A total of 25 bags of heroin, four grams of cocaine and 19 grams of marijuana were found in two separate and routine traffic stops last week, as city police arrested two men — including a known Crip gang leader — who attempted to conceal the contraband in their rectum.

Tyra Otha Golden, 27, of 671 Cemetery St., was pulled over for a broken tail light and driving at excessive speeds in a white SUV on Campbell Street, early on Jan. 8, said city police.

“When I approached the vehicle I made contact with the driver,” said the officer. “Golden was extremely nervous, his voice was quaking, his breathing was rapid and his movements were sudden and sporadic through my interaction.”

The officer asked Golden to step from the vehicle and proceeded to pat him down, finding a gram of cocaine. Golden was taken into custody and strip searched at Williamsport Police Department, according to police.

“Observed in Golden’s anus, was what I believed to be cocaine. Golden attempted to turn and pull his arms away from officers when I stated he was concealing narcotics,” said the officer.

The suspect eventually removed 11 blue wax bags of heroin, and 4.22 grams of cocaine from his anus, according to city police.

Golden, who goes by Ace, is known to police as a gang leader and previously was convicted of charges related to robbery and drug dealing. He is now charged with five counts of possession and tampering with evidence. Golden was jailed in lieu of $150,000.

On the same night, an officer observed Fareed Kale, 20, of 1107 Hunter Ridge Lane, Georgia, in a silver Ford Escape that ran a stop sign at Memorial Avenue and Walnut Street.

After being pulled over, Kale attempted to exit the vehicle.

“I ordered the passenger back inside the vehicle before making an approach,” said the officer.

Bags of heroin were found on Kale during the search. The patrolman took him to the Williamsport Police Department to be searched in a private and secure location.

“During Kale’s time in the back of the police unit he managed to slip his left hand from the handcuffs. Kale then reached into his pants and removed the bundle,” said the patrolman. “Kale took said bundle and placed it up into his rectum in an attempt to conceal the evidence.”

Nineteen grams of marijuana were also found in Kale’s left pants pocket, in a sandwich bag and Kale removed undisclosed amount of heroin from his rectum.

It is common for narcotics traffickers and not users to conceal narcotics in their groin and anus, said police.

Kale is charged with four counts of possession and a single count of tampering with evidence. He is jailed in lieu of $90,000.