City streets mostly clear, caution advised

The wintry-mix icing Williamsport streets should be mostly cleared by Wednesday morning, says city truck plowman Dave Oliver.

But the National Weather Service advises caution during morning commutes.

“It’s pretty slick out there now,” said Oliver, Tuesday evening. “The best thing (residents) could do is make sure they clean their sidewalks and around any fire hydrant.”

But people need to avoid putting snow back into the street, Oliver added.

If their services are needed at any point during the night or into the day, Oliver said they will go into the streets again to plow and distribute salt as needed.

Craig Evanego, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said Williamsport received 2.5 inches in total precipitation, Tuesday, which will have ran its course by today.

“Lows will be in the upper-20s” for Tuesday evening, he said. “So there could be a little bit of refreezing happening in places untreated.”

People traveling in the early morning should take care to monitor their speed, he said.

Today, will be mostly cloudy and windy — with some gusts up to 35 to 40-miles-per-hour– temperatures will be around 32 degrees. However, no further precipitation will be expected.

Temperatures will again dip to upper-20s Wednesday night.

“Morning sun giving away the sickening clouds on Thursday Milder with a high in the low 40s and looks like we have some rain showers coming in later Thursday night or Friday. Looks like highs will be in the mid 40s Friday,” said Evanego.

More mild temperatures on Thursday and Friday will give way to cooler temperatures for the weekend and there may be some more snow on Sunday, he said.