Clarion County man seeks House seat

Robert Noerr has announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination for the 12th Congressional seat in the May primary.

Noerr, 34, is employed by InVision Human Services, a home health camre for people with disabilities, as a residential counselor.

He is a graduate of Clarion University of Pennsylvania and holds a master’s degree in speech communications from Tiffin University.

While in college, he competed in policy debate.

He is member of the Clarion County Republican Committee and the Fraternal Order of Eagles, New Bethlehem.

Although a resident of Clarion County, which is not part of the 12th Congressional District, he plans to move to the district.

Noerr said he is seeking office because peoples’ voices are not being heard in Washington.

He aims, he said, to get the government back to focusing on the Constitution and the concept of personal liberty, while ending the corruption that had led people having their voices overshadowed by unelected bureaucrats and interests that can buy influence.

He said he is running not to have a career, but to serve the residents of the 12th House District.

“I feel the Republican Party is the party of personal liberty, personal responsibility and small government,” he said. “I am a big fan of the Freedom Caucus.”

He said the Democratic Party is a party of socialism and identity politics that seeks to look at people based on “what race or gender they are.”

He said he wants to help make the Republican Party more inclusive.

“That’s what this country was founded on,” he said.

Noerr said he will take no money from big businesses, but instead rely on donations from individuals.


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