Majority of city workers want option to live outside of Billtown

More than 100 city employees taking an online survey distributed by officials at City Hall say they don’t want to be required to live in the city.

With 102 employees responding, about 42 percent of city workers weighed in, said Megan Dayhoff, city human resources director.

The report was shared as part of City Council’s ad hoc committee on the residency ordinance.

“A majority felt they didn’t want residency requirements,” Dayhoff said.

Council has been exploring the issue after concessions were made for the prior police chief and the residency ordinance was revoked.

Currently, no residency is required to work in the city, with the exception of 10 elected officials who receive compensation for their duties. Those include the mayor, council, controller and treasurer, all of which are elected positions.

The committee includes council members Bonnie Katz, chairwoman, Joel Henderson and Derek Slaughter. They plan to share the survey results with the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce.

Perhaps, said Katz, the chamber and city can formulate a long-term plan to make the city a more attractive place to live and partner with major employers, including UPMC Susquehanna and the two colleges.