Montoursville man charged with attempted murder

A Montoursville man has been charged with attempted murder and related offenses for allegedly threatening his mother with a knife and chasing her with it, borough police said.

David Hill, 41, was jailed without bail following a domestic disturbance at his home at 1008 Chestnut St. about 10:30 Tuesday night, police said.

Hill, who lives with his mother, came home “under the influence of something,” which upset his mother, who told him “he needed to move out,” Deputy Chief Jason Bentley wrote in an affidavit.

Hill then went to the kitchen, grabbed a large knife and “raised it up as if he was going to stab” his mother, Bentley said.

“Help me, help me” the mother screamed as she bolted from the house, ran to a neighbor and slipped inside the neighbor’s house after finding a back door unlocked, Bentley said.

The woman quickly locked the door behind her as Hill was pursuing her.

She told police, “had that door been locked, she would be dead. Her son chased her all the way with the knife raised” in his hand, Bentley said.

Hill accidentally stabbed himself in the left leg while chasing his mother, police said.

Bentley said that when he arrived on the scene, he saw “a large amount of blood leading from the rear porch of 800 Claire Road (to where the victim had fled, trailing) along the sidewalk” to Hill’s home.

The front door was open and Hill, sitting on a living room couch, “was covered in blood, mostly on his left leg,” Bentley said in the affidavit.

“Blood had soaked into the couch and there were puddles of blood in the living room and kitchen,” Bentley said.

The mother, Terry, was not injured, police said.

Hill was taken to UPMC Susquehanna Williamsport Medical Center for treatment of his self-inflicted injuries.

At the hospital, Hill admitted to police he, “was going to kill his mother,” making a motion like he was “going to stab her in the neck,” Bentley said.

Upon being discharged, Hill was arraigned before District Judge Gary Whiteman on charges of attempted murder of the first degree, possession of an instrument of crime and aggravated and simple assault. He was then committed to the Lycoming County Prison.

Bentley said he recovered from Hill’s living room “a long stainless steel kitchen knife with an eight-inch blade that had blood on the tip.”


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