Egg hunt organizers urge parents to behave better

The Easter Bunny is writing up a naughty list — but not for the children of the city and region.

This list is for their parents, especially for those with children as young as 3 and 4, who are able at that age to scour a lawn and look for eggs with candy and prizes in them, said Jessie Novinger, city recreation director at Monday’s recreation commission meeting.

For the most part, the annual Christy Haberstroh Easter Egg Hunt at Brandon Park is a fun time, she said. But each year, there are more and more parents who are acting out irresponsibly, she added.

“When parents are knocking over children ages 3 and 4 to get eggs for their children, that’s not okay,” she said.

The issue also may be because of the limited amount of recreation commission and department volunteers, Novinger said.

The egg hunt takes about five minutes to complete and all ages of children are in different sections of the park at once, so if there are children with anxiety arrangements can be made ahead of time, she said.

“There are other ways to get them eggs and prizes,” Novinger said. “We have tables with extra eggs and candy,” she said.