Judge dismisses second major charge against ex-cop

After reviewing testimony presented by the victim as well as case law, District Judge Christian Frey threw out a felony charge of attempted rape against former Montgomery Patrolman Laurence Wilcox, but held him on charges of felony attempted sexual assault and misdemeanor indecent assault.

Frey made the ruling on Friday. He dismissed another charge, aggravated indecent assault, on Tuesday at the conclusion of Wilcox’s preliminary hearing.

Frey ruled there was insufficient evidence to support the two charges that have been dismissed.

In late January, Wilcox, 69, a former Montgomery police chief whose local law enforcement career spans decades, was arrested by state police on charges of allegedly attempting to rape a woman in her home after he picked her up in a Montgomery police cruiser while on duty during the early morning hours of July 6.

Investigators said both Wilcox and the victim told them that Wilcox had picked her up in Montgomery and taken her to her home “several times,” according to court records.

On the stand Tuesday for about 30 minutes, the victim, testified on how she was sexually assaulted allegedly by Wilcox. She was the sole prosecution witness at the hearing.

Besides the Montgomery Police Department, Wilcox, who is free on $75,000 bail, also was employed by the Muncy and DuBoistown Police Departments. However, he is no longer on the payroll of any of the three departments.