Public works reviews Bowman, City Hall projects

City Council’s public works committee tackled two resolutions Tuesday, one to authorize the city to proceed with City Hall improvements and the other upgrades at Bowman Field.

The committee decided to pass with a positive recommendation both resolutions, but the City Hall project may see changes.

Originally, the resolution was to go out to bids for a combined project of an accessible ramp, repairing the elevator and adding security components to the first floor lobby.

After discussion Tuesday, the committee decided to pass the resolution on to the full body of council with a positive recommendation but with the intent to ask the rest of council to vote to amend the project.

The amendment would propose tackling the elevator repair first, because it must pass inspection, according to Councilwoman Bonnie Katz, committee chairwoman.

Next, it would split the remainder of the projects, the ramp and security up separately as what’s called “add-alternates,” which means they would be reviewed after the elevator repair by council to ensure there is money in accounts for which to pay for the projects, Katz said.

The proposed accessible compliant ramp and security proposals won’t die off, but it means once the bids are received by the city, council will then determine project funding sources, she said.

The security guard and impairment walls on first floor must be studied more and include discussions with police, public works employees and council, Katz said.

“We have a lot of questions regarding how it will work and where the money would be best used,” she said.

The committee passed a positive recommendation to the full body of council on a resolution awarding the second phase of Bowman Field improvements, which includes a media box expansion, umpire room and lockerroom upgrades for visiting teams.