County fiscal, controller’s office may see change

The Lycoming County fiscal and controller’s offices may see big changes in the near future, pending commissioner action later this week.

To better comply with county code, as legislated by the state, the commissioners are considering moving four fiscal services staff members to the controller’s office. Those employees would maintain their titles and current pay, but their duties would be performed in a different order under the controller’s supervision.

Per county code, the controller is meant to provide checks and balances, ensuring specific funding sources are allowed to fund purchases, grants, etc., said Commissioner Rick Mirabito.

However, the current order of operations has fiscal entering financials into the record before the controller’s department reviews and approves them.

If anything were not approved, we would have to go back in and make changes that could affect other entries, Mirabito said.

“We were doing things a little bit backwards,” he said. “Hopefully in the long term it will actually allow us to be more efficient in terms of the use of staff.”

In another matter, Commissioner Tony Mussare stated an offer is on the table for the City of Williamsport to occupy a county building, specifically Executive Plaza should the commissioners choose to move the county offices into Third Street Plaza.

“This would be an option, and we leave that offer open to investigate whether this building as a possible facility,” he said.

Mirabito and Commissioner Jack McKernan agreed.

“Certainly, we’ve got the facilities here that would probably work,” McKernan said.

In other business, the commissioners also will consider approving a two-year renewal for support, maintenance, repairs and updates to the current radio system from Motorola Solutions at a cost of $6,281 per month.

If the new radio system is up and running before the contract expires in 2021, the contract allows the county to terminate it with 30 days notice without cause, said John Yingling, public safety director.

The next meeting is slated for 10 a.m. Thursday in Executive Plaza.


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