Escaped pet python found on apartment grounds

One resident was shocked to look down and see a 7-foot-long-ball python while on a break at Lakeview Apartments. Other residents said the snake escaped while a tenant was moving several days ago.

South Williamsport police were called to 948 Main St. for the large ball python around 6 p.m. Sunday.

“The bench was wet, so I went to wipe it off and there it was.” said Patti Kane, resident.

She ran around the building to notify the others, including Christopher Kane, another resident, who found a box to contain the snake.

The snake was “docile,” he said, as he lifted and placed the animal into the cardboard box. He later applied tape and poked breathing holes into the box.

911 dispatchers called animal control, but since the snake is designated as an exotic animal, the service would not take it.

The dispatchers also called Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland, a local zoo specializing in reptiles, but no one responded.

Christopher Kane said he was going to wait with the snake until its owners arrived.

Other tenants said that the ball pythons were kept in large plastic boxes and this specific snake likely escaped while the owner was in the process of moving out.