Proposed final budget passed at Jersey Shore Area School District: Deficit hangs at $904K

JERSEY SHORE – The Jersey Shore School Board voted to approve a proposed final general fund budget for 2019-20 which at this time carries with it a $904,000 deficit, according to Ben Enders, district business manager.

Enders noted that the budget must be passed at this time so that it can be on display for 30 days before final approval is given. He also cautioned that this is not the finalized budget and that it will change before the final vote is taken.

As it stands, the proposed budget reflects total expenditures of $43,050,083, with estimated revenue of $42,145,911.

The proposed budget also shows a slight decrease in the current real estate taxes with 12.9260 for 2019-20 for Clinton County and 17.75946 for Lycoming County for the same school year, which reflects an 89 percent decrease for Clinton and an 87 percent decrease for Lycoming.

Voting yes on the budget measure were Craig Allen, Karen Stover, Merrill Sweitzer, Christopher Fravel, Michelle Stemler, Harry Brungard, John Pecchia and Kelley Wasson. Mary Thomas voted no.

In other business, the district approved a three-year business software agreement with BusBoss at a cost of $3,270 per year. The software is used to determine the best routes for district buses to take.

The board also approved an agreement, on first reading, with BLaST Intermediate Unit 17 to provide special education services to the district at a cost of over $400,000. The board was told that the amount was based on need and could go up or down. Final approval is expected at the next meeting on May 28.

An Memorandum of Understanding between the district and BLaST Intermediate Unit 17 to provide short-term grant-writing services was not approved by the board as there were no yes votes for the agenda item.

Approval was given for the purchase of climate control equipment to include eleven (11) commercial dehumidifiers (total cost = $17,545), eleven (11) air scrubbers (total cost = $8,965), and eleven (11) air movers (total cost = $2,035) as recommended by the Capital Projects Committee at a total cost of $28,545, funds will come from the capital reserve account.

The next meeting of the board will be at 7 p.m. May 28 at the District Building, 175 A & P Drive.


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