True ugliness

The latest WikiLeaks dump reveals that the Hillary Clinton campaign paid thugs $1,500 each to go to Trump rallies to start fights. Campaign paychecks have already been found to support this. This tactic was somewhat successful because Trump had to cancel a rally in south Chicago, where he was going to address racism, violence, and outrageous black unemployment. The guy that set this up has met with Obama 42 times and has been at the White House 300 times. He is so dumb that he made a video tape bragging about this. He also talked about voter fraud. It’s a federal crime to intimidate voters. I wonder how the weasels at the FBI will handle this. My guess is that a real slow investigation will work for them. WikiLeaks also indicates that CNN helped Hillary by giving her debate questions prior to the debate. Hillary’s serial perjury’s regarding Benghazi and her e-mail wasn’t discussed at the last debate. My favorite perjury continues to be I turned in “all my work related e-mails” (33,000 work- related emails were not turned in despite her many efforts to erase them). The “I never sent or received classified material on my email” is a close favorite second perjury. Honest Democrats have a lot of work to do. I believe Trump has a chance to clean out the scum in Washington. He is not a politician. A lot of Republicans don’t like him – good.

Bob Sonntag


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