City has new weapon to fight crime with

As we have said here many times, there are no magic formulas to eliminating crime.

It takes people being the eyes and ears for police, astute investigation by police, parents raising their children in the correct culture.

And maybe it takes the right software.

The city of Williamsport’s crimefighters are hoping there’s something to be said for lightning quick information gathering.

A records-management system, a computer software costing an estimated $350,000, is not in operation. It gives patrolmen and investigators on a crime scene a database of information nearly instantly.

Quicker gathering of accurate information is a major advantage in the solving of crimes, most investigators will tell you.

City Councilman Don Noviello said the new technology will bring the city’s crimefighting from the 20th century into the 21st century.

We should hope so, given the price of the technology and the sober fact that crime doesn’t go away.

Certain forms of crime may ebb and flow, but crime continually evolves.

Right now, the crime focus locally is on guns, with a recent shooting and a suspect on the loose. Recently, heroin-related crime has been a heavy news presence.

No matter what it is, quick, accurate information will be the best path to solving the crime.

Hopefully, the city soon will have a new weapon to fight back.