If it meets DEP air quality outline, power plant is welcome

It’s an episode that’s been repeated hundreds of times over the years.

A power plant bringing jobs and economic development is proposed for Clinton Township on Saeger Station Road.

And lots of people don’t want it in their neighborhood, for environmental and quality of life reasons.

The pros and cons toward the plans of Moxie Energy were clearly outlined at a state Department of Environmental Protection hearing nine days ago.

Some residents are weary from health, environmental and industrial effects of other companies along the Route 405 corridor between Muncy and Montgomery. That’s their story and they are sticking to it.

But others have another take.

They are happy at the prospects of an 800-megawatt combined cycle power plant fueled by natural gas.

The availability of local natural gas deposits made it feasible for the company to locate in Clinton Township.

From where we sit, the environmental issue is in DEP’s lap.

Moxie obviously is going to have to satisfy DEP’s environmental marching orders or it won’t be able to establish its plant.

The health concerns would seem to be rather hard to quantify. Many of those concerns exist for a variety of industrial developments in many places.

The neighborhood concerns are very understandable.

Most people would prefer housing and open spaces near the place they call home.

But if Moxie’s plans meet the zoning and codes requirements where the plant is located, or if they are given exceptions and meet them, it’s hard for us to rationalize turning down the development.

If this nation is going to become energy independent which would have a large, positive economic and foreign relations impact we need to have open minds to alternatives from what we are all used to.

That means wind turbines and natural gas power plants and nuclear generation and a host of other energy development and related businesses are going to be a big part of our future.

Those developments, the jobs and economy they bring, and the security for our country that they further are a pretty sound trade off for the tweaks in our lifestyles that they bring. That comes with the caveat that the plans be given environmental validation.