Sadly, there is no guarantee against shooting in city

A young man is dead today from a shooting in Williamsport at dusk on Wednesday night.

Circumstances and motive will surface as the investigation into the shooting on Susquehanna Street is fleshed out.

But no matter what the circumstances are, no one should die in his early 20s of gunshot wounds. Even a community as exceptional as the city of Williamsport is not immune from such modern-day madness.

In this case, the drama at the shooting scene was particularly heart-wrenching, with distraught relatives, close friends and a woman screaming, “My baby is dead.”

If there was a sure-fire preventive to such violence and misery, we’d prescribe it and we suspect everyone would be using it by now.

Sadly, we can’t guarantee freedom from tragedies such as that Wednesday night. And as hard as we try, we can’t legislate out madness.

What we can do is help police in our neighborhoods. We can raise children to respect life and turn away from violence. We can teach them some rules to live by and the correct path to success. We can double- and triple-check who our children are spending time with and the environment in which they are spending their time. We can pay close attention to the influences in their lives: Are drugs, alcohol and computer brainwashing a part of it?

At the very least, we can do everything possible to create the circumstances that reduce the chances of another tragedy such as Wednesday’s.