School resource officer plan is gaining deserved momentum

State Rep. Kevin Haggerty, a Lackawanna County Democrat, thinks the current discussion about violent tragedies at our schools is a crossroads moment when lawmakers either show they are listening to families or turning their backs on them.

Haggerty is circulating a petition advocating funding for school resource officers in all of Pennsylvania’s elementary schools.

While many of our schools have school resource officers, often they have to produce the funding for them.

The larger question, once there is agreement for school resource officers at all our elementary schools, is whether the officers also should be armed.

The consistent indicator of recent mass shootings is that mentally unstable and violently prepossessed people are turning their sights on public “soft spots,” schools, theaters, open street gatherings.

We suspect that, were they confronted by someone official with arms, they would turn away. There is certainly a greater likelihood that the incidents wouldn’t happen under those circumstances.

The federal government for all its frivolous spending ways should find money to fund something that’s needed school resource officers.

And they should be armed.

We know such changes come with a whole new set of questions.

But what is the current setup getting us besides incredible tragedy and the heartbreak of lives ended too soon?