Poll confirms that most want liquor system privatized

The most recent poll released by the nonpartisan Commonwealth Foundation speaks to the heavy support Pennsylvanians have for privatizing their liquor store system.

The poll found more than three out of five Pennsylvania voters support privatizing the liquor system. Consumers making purchases at liquor stores favor privatization by more than 70 percent.

And the topper is that, despite union opposition, nearly six in 10 union households favor selling the system to private owners and a majority of union members support the move.

The largest plurality came in Pennsylvania’s more heavily populated areas, Allegheny County and suburban Philadelphia.

Asked to give reasons they favored privatization, respondents listed ending government control, consumer convenience and the proven success of privatized systems in other states.

The bottom line is that regular people understand that less government is often better government, that government should not be involved in places where private business is capable of handling the operation. Liquor is one of those operations in 48 of 50 states.

It’s Pennsylvania’s time, Gov. Tom Corbett is pushing hard and he is proposing to use $1 billion over four years from sales of liquor store licenses for a block grant funding program to public schools. And still there are naysayers to the privatization and school districts themselves seem lukewarm to the block grant idea.

Just about everyone wants the privatization of the liquor store system except those with a direct stake in the current system or those who seem addicted to the government-does-all system of the past several decades.

There are things government is meant to do. It can have a noble purpose, but only if it is limited to what it is meant to do. Where it doesn’t belong, the private sector should be allowed to work its efficiency. More and more states are operating successfully using this premise. It’s time for Pennsylvania to join the 21st Century.