United Way completes impressive campaign; A need gap remains

The latest Lycoming County United Way fundraising campaign raised an almost unbelievable $1,612,125.

It’s almost unbelievable given a shaky economy and all the monetary pressures on most residents in the county.

That Lycoming Countians can find a spot amid bills and taxes and gasoline prices and unexpected costs for a contribution to the United Way is a tribute to the heart and compassion most of our residents possess.

The giving will translate into meeting the needs that are never ending for the 28 partner agencies of the United Way who use the funds for 44 human services programs.

Young and old, economic disadvantaged, the handicapped, domestically abused and literacy challenged people are just some of the benefactors of these programs.

Unfortunately, those needs are evergrowing and $1,723,311 was the amount projected to meet all of the needs.

So there’s a gap of more than $100,000 between what’s needed and what was collected. That will make for some difficult allocation decisions a few months from now.

But it shouldn’t detract from the heroic job done by those raising the money for United Way and, most importantly, those giving to the campaign.