Is the system broke? Don’t tell these education honorees

We’ve all read the stories and the concerns about public education locally, statewide and nationally.

Are our children, our future leaders and the drivers of our society, learning enough and being educated effectively enough to carry on the American excellence to which we’ve become accustomed?

There are plenty of valid reasons for those concerns and there are statistics that suggest Pennsylvania’s per pupil costs, among the highest, aren’t netting the results they should. There is a large segment of the population that believes our education system is broken and needs an overhaul.

And then there is a night like last week’s, the annual Education Celebration of the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce, when the best of Lycoming County’s eight public high schools and St. John Neumann Regional Academy teachers and students are honored.

Their stories and achievements from an instructional and learning standpoint speak of a bygone era many think no longer exists.

But it does exist in the educators and students who were honored.

They are all exceptional, with achievements in their bank of experience and future success there for the taking, success that will improve the lot of our society.

And we were struck by another trait very much on display among all the honorees – humility. In a look-at-me age, there was a glutonous portion of humility served up by the honorees.

It was a refreshing, hopeful night that renews our faith in the future of the region and hopefully our state and nation.

We realize these were the best, but we are certain their like can’t be created in a learning environment that is completely contaminated.

Bravo to these students and educators and the thousands like them in our area who do great things in the classrooms every day under the radar.