Raise the Region, big hearts, produce breathtaking results

We don’t know exactly what expectations were for the 24-hour Raise the Region online fundraiser of the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania last week.

But by any measure, the raising of more than $800,000 from donations and sponsors in 24 hours has to rank as a rousing success.

People were invited to log on and donate to one of 161 nonprofit organizations that signed up for the event. The results were amazing.

The Lycoming County United Way, for instance, received $45,130 from 45 donors.

That’s money the United Way would not have received without the event.

The same holds true for all of the other organizations that benefitted from the generosity of our residents.

All nonprofit organizations operate on very tight budgets in hopes of providing a variety of valuable, essential services. These organizations seldom get the opportunity for “bonus” giving that Raise the Region provided them.

Of course, ideas are one thing. They don’t amount to anything without the unbelievable participation of real people.

And that’s what happened last week.

A great idea.

An unbelievable response.

Breathtaking results.