Two parks soon to be camera-ready to fight city crime

The city of Williamsport’s surveillance cameras are due to be up and running in Flanigan and Memorial parks by June.

In all, seven cameras will be aiding city police surveillance efforts come summer.

At this point, the issues and positions on surveillance cameras are well established.

What’s important to note is that these cameras are in public, city-owned and government-managed areas.

So the issue of privacy is a nonstarter.

We’ve reached the stage where the city’s problems with crimes, minor and greater, are pretty much reality in these parks. No one should be comfortable with that reality.

And doing nothing about the problem because some people might be offended doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense.

At some point, residents and taxpayers have to be able to rationalize a minor sacrifice in privacy on public property in return for increased surveillance that will at least discourage crime in those areas.

Yes, we know criminals will go elsewhere.

But at least the net gets smaller and the enforcement in the parks gets easier with these cameras.

We should all hope this pays dividends in public safety and reduced crime.