Bills will improve access to natural gas locally

Ever since the natural gas industry descended on our region, there have been complaints that the product is not available enough to local consumers.

If the area’s forests, hills and roads are going to be inundated, residents in those areas should have easy access to the product, the party line goes.

And that is correct.

Instead of just moaning about it, state Sen. E. Eugene Yaw, a Loyalsock Republican representing much of our region, is doing something about it. He and Sen. Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi, a Chester County Republican, are sponsoring bills designed to extend and expand natural gas distribution systems to unserved and under-served residential, commercial and industrial sites.

Drilling for natural gas is one thing. Setting up the distribution is quite another. It takes time to establish such a network, even close to home.

But natural gas, regionally developed, is coming closer and closer to being more accessible to local residents, motorists and businesses.

And that’s a good thing.