CASA: Ten years of saving lives in tough circumstances

It’s not a stretch to say that CASA of Lycoming County has been saving lives for the past decade.

The Court Appointed Special Advocate, driven by a network of volunteers, works with children who need guidance navigating the court and foster care system.

That’s the job description.

At the organization’s 10th anniversary dinner, Lycoming County Judge Dudley Anderson offered the real life translation:

“The first case assigned to CASA was a baby, the mother had had her during a break from her factory shift and thrown her in a trash can. She went to a foster-to-adopt home and she was the center of their universe. She was nurtured very well and she prospered.”

That’s the prototype example of saving lives.

Over the decade of CASA’s existence, the cross purposes of CASA and the Lycoming County Children and Youth Services have been better defined and a healthy relationship has grown. Children and Youth have the whole family as a priority, while CASA advocates for children.

For children and families dealing with woeful problems, life is never perfect.

But it’s gotten better with the presence of CASA, born a decade ago with a $25,000 start-up grant from the Williamsport/Lycoming Foundation.

We can’t imagine $25,000 being better spent.