Don’t be fooled; this election is important in a very local way

Primary elections are notorious for low voter turnout and a lack of engagement between those doing the balloting and those doing the campaigning.

Tuesday’s local primary election, to be frank, has not moved the excitement meter. Without a signature local race or state offices at stake, the election for party nominations is understated to say the least.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have impact in certain pockets of our region.

There are important municipal and school board races for party nominations in some localities. And the closer to home the elected representative, the more impact voters can have. While they fly under the radar, these are some of the most important decisions voters will ever make.

It’s an understated election day, but it’s still important. And if you are still not interested, remember that people have died so that you may cast a vote Tuesday.

If for no other reason, vote out of respect for sacrifices made.