Naming rights for Bowman Field: Rare revenue opportunity

What’s in a name? Apparently, $150,000, if the name may go on Bowman Field.

Williamsport Mayor Gabriel J. Campana says he has a verbal offer on the table from an unidentified party that will pay the city $30,000 a year for five years to attach its name to Bowman Field.

Naming rights for a cost are typical for sports facilities these days, but it’s something of a coup to get that sort of deal at a minor league baseball facility.

And while there are critics of staining the purity of a facility’s name for commercial purposes, we can’t see the city having a choice in this case.

The city is staring at $500,000 in proposed renovations that include painting, removal of box seats, replacement of concrete flooring, the addition of a fence and expansion of the concourse public area along the third-base line.

The city is owed $55,000 in utility bills and rental fees from a defunct minor league hockey franchise that has skipped town. There is a suit being filed to try and recover those moneys, but that comes with no guarantees.

And there is no leeway in the city’s General Fund to handle expenses of this magnitude.

So $150,000 in checks over a five-year period can be plugged into the Bowman Field renovations plan.

Bowman Field is one of Williamsport’s unique assets. Why not take advantage of it at a time when every piece of new revenue is needed in city coffers.