Standing up to bullying: Not easy, but so essential

We live in a time when bullying has reached scary heights and comes from more platforms than ever before.

There is name calling.

There is fighting.

There is cyber terror, a particularly nasty version of bully born of the Internet age.

It is making life tougher than ever for kids, starting in grade school and going right through high school.

The answer to beating a bully is fighting back in the correct way, rather than cowering. Easier said than done.

Members of CAPPA, Community Alliance for Progressive Positive Action, have put together a short video on anti-bullying that was unveiled to the public at the Williamsport Community Arts Center during the Billtown Film Festival last week.

Perhaps the best part of “Enough is Enough” is that many of the ideas and much of the production came from the efforts of local youths, many serving as actors in the video, which showed the possible tragic consequences of bullying.

They were lauded by Lycoming County District Attorney Eric Linhardt for their efforts. The district attorney correctly urged them to speak up and not be passive when confronted by bullying.

When it comes to bullying, our children know best.

What they need, though, is support that gives them strength to fight this despicable evil in our midst.

Kudos to all involved in the making of the video and the initiative behind it.